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When was the last time you focused on the simple act of breathing?

To pause and take a breath can be very beneficial. When you are going through stressful moments you sometimes pause to take a longer breath to calm yourself. When you focus on your breathing it can help you in a variety of ways.

In Martial Arts certain ways of breathing are used during various parts of training to focus energy and direct intention. This is done to create power, create calm, the key word being create. Breathing exercises are used in singing, acting, meditation, and a variety of other activities including daily life. Can you live without breathing? Of course not, yet how often do you focus your simple act of drawing breath into your body and exhaling it out?

Take a few moments and focus on your breathing. Slowly breath in focusing on what you are creating and slowly breathe out releasing what does not serve you. If you can create the habit of doing this when you are starting and ending your day you may be surprised at some of the things you create!