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An Introduction to Wellness

Creating a Lifestyle Legacy

Begin within!

The heart lives within the mind, the mind lives within the body, the body lives within the spirit.

Decisions we make are based on how we feel about what we are deciding. (There are some great TED Talks on this.) When deciding to make changes begin with your emotional core. When creating wellness this translates into incorporating the choices and habits that allow us to feel the way we want to feel. How does your Lifestyle Legacy feel to you? Are you waking excited to start your day feeling energized and joyful? Are you creating powerful positive impact with your work? Are you spending the day having a new adventure with your family? Begin at the beginning and decide what feelings you are creating and having consistently on a daily basis.

Once you have decided the emotional context move into the mind. The connection between your emotions and the actions take place when you decide on the course of action from where you are emotionally to creating the consistent emotional state. Strengthening that connection will facilitate the next phase, the body.

Emotion has been linked directly into thought and now the changes are being made in your life and directly impacting your body. This is where intention collides with outside influences. When creating your version of life you will find that everyone will have some kind of opinion. Strengthen the link between your heart, mind, and body by focusing on what you have chosen to create by taking action toward your choices every day. The focus on yourself will lead you naturally into the next phase, your spirit.

We all have information handed down or sought out that defines our spirit to us. I personally believe that our spirit is simply our connection. Our spirit is the intention field in which the heart, mind, and body reside. Is it that surprising considering how things happen in our world?

Your lifestyle, your legacy is being created by you from the moment you are born. You have within you everything you require to bring your vision of wellness to life.

May Blessings,

Miss Jo